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Press Kit

From the founder Daniel Workman

The idea for a fitness subscription box came in 2015 when I was looking for a new pre-workout to use.  I was frustrated with the same handful of supplements I was cycling through and the difficulty in branching out to others without knowing what I was buying.  I had turned to my social media channels to ask for recommendations and during the time I like to call “The Rise Of The Subscription Boxes”  my wife had been subscribing to a makeup themed service and was loving it.  The thought immediately came to me when her next bag came full of makeup samples.  “I wish there was one of these for supplement samples!”

Three months later and many many late nights spent working on a website, reaching out to suppliers, and developing the idea came Gym Crate – The Ultimate Fitness Subscription Box.  My modest idea has turned into an amazing monthly experience for any gym addict.  Every month our subscribers get new supplement samples to try, new protein packed snacks, a custom designed t-shirt or other apparel item, workout tips and tricks, delicious healthy recipes, and discounts galore on full size supplements.   All this for only $30 a month.

Our mission is simple:  Make the workout experience fun and to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.


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